​The International English spoken movie “PATTAYA HAS IT ALL” will maybe the most funniest movie in late Thai Film history, with a funny world strange foreigner named John, who fall in love with a Thai Superstar (Not to be named yet) The Film shows a realistic internet love story, with a great sense of humor, where John gets in trouble at many locations, creating a lot of hilarious moments. His first drive in a car was a big laugh, as he wants to drive on the right side as he came from America. John was a little drunk and get angry, and called the police telling that everybody is drunk and drive on the wrong side. Also hilarious moments in a Thai school, where he is a big laugh as he speaks Thai like an idiot, and in a  massage saloon, where he screams so much that the neighbors called the police, but specially in a Thai Restaurant where he ordered Nom Jai (Big Tits) instead of Nom Yen, (Cold Milk) which results in many funny situations with an angry John, who got 3 times the wrong food and drinks, and finally ran away without paying, shouting Babba Bobo and Ting Tong (CRAZY) with all the staff running after him,  bringing him back to pay the bill. But the limit is when Mai her High Society parents want to meet John. When they arrive he Hug and kissed her father who is a doctor saying; How are you mate and give me 5 brother, running to her Mom and kissing her full on her mouth, and put one hand on her as. Mai grabs his hand and shouting to John; Are you crazy etc.  Some Film criticasters who read the script, talking already that this film could be one of most hilarious fun movies of his kind in late Thai film history. But the producer and script writer have also a serious intention to combine the funny parts, with the most beautiful sides from PATTAYA and their surroundings, incl. over 20 THEME PARKS and more than 20 great Golf courses. But especially a funny romantic love affair, where John falls in love in no time with every nice girl, including the sexy housemaid, which creates a lot of anger and crazy situations. But the most crazy-fun situation happens when John started a love affair with a beautiful girl, not knowing she is a lady boy. When he found out he got completely hysteric, running in panic in his underwear on the street screaming for help and shouting baba bo bo, while a tourist asking him what happened. John told and explained with his hand that his new girlfriend had a penis, where after the tourist couldn’t stop laughing, and fell down on the floor with tears in his eyes. “PATTAYA HAS IT ALL” will be an international movie spoken and recorded in English, and some senses and funny gimmicks will be in Thai language, incl. some sub titles. The Cinema production for Thailand will be spoken with Thai Voice Over. But producer planned also DVD voice over in Chinese, Russian, Korean, French and German. PATTAYA is well known for millions of Tourists all over the world as the greatest Entertainment and Fun City in the world for the young, the elderly and especially for families. Famous Walking Street has hundreds of bars and disco’s, and PATTAYA is also known as a Paradise for Western man, including several Gay zones, where western man can meet their friends and partners in Boys Town. PATTAYA has so much more to offer as they have hundreds of massage saloons, many International Music, Water and Firework festivals, a huge Central Festival Shopping Centre, and an ICE skating court in the new Harbour Mall.  PATTAYA is not only the FUN CITY, but also known as worlds All Year Sports City, incl. the yearly World Champion Jet Ski, and the world famous Sailing Regatta. But most important a great place where you can perfectly relax and swim 365 days at your super Holiday destination, with very long beaches from the North to the South. PATTAYA is also a Scuba Diving and Bikers Paradise, where Bikers meet each other every year from all over the world, during the BURAPA Bike Week. Soccer fans can watch PATTAYA United in the Thai Premier league, and there is also a large Indoor Sports Stadium. FOOD LOVERS cannot be happier in PATTAYA PARADISE, as there are hundreds of great fine dining Thai, Seafood and International Restaurants. Many foreigners opened their Restaurants, where you can eat your favorite food from your own country.


Foreigners from many different countries are living in PATTAYA on a retirement Visa, where they never have to leave the country if you over 50 years old. Living in the land of smile is much cheaper than in Western countries, and there are already cheap Hotels and Guesthouses from 300 baht,(+7 dollar) but also 5 star Hotels as Hilton and Royal Cliff for the Rich and Famous. Foreigners can buy cheap condos in their own name, and luxury Villas in a Thai Company, or lease it for 30 years. These days everybody can watch their own favorite TV and Sports channels worldwide in your own condo or house. PATTAYA is one of the safest places to live, and there is a Foreign Police Volunteers Group, assisting the Thai Police with complicate cases and translations. PATTAYA has several Int. Food and Shopping malls, where you can buy your favorite import food from your country. There is a big variety of Sport and Expat Clubs, International Ladies Club, Sports Club Pattaya, Tennis and Badminton Clubs and courts, Int. Beach Football and Volleyball tournaments, and an International Race track. UTAPAO is a fast growing National and International Airport about 30 km from PATTAYA, and they recently start with the fast speed train, bringing Thais and Tourists to Bangkok in 20 minutes when finished. PATTAYA has a good infrastructure, and a 24 hour public taxi service. BANGKOK PATTAYA HOSPITAL is one of the best Hospitals in Thailand, where many foreigners are coming from all over the world for medical, dentist and sex operations, in combination with a fantastic holiday. You are most welcome 7 days a week without a long waiting period, where many professional English speaking doctors, give you an excellent service at their 5 star Hospital.


In a region of the fun city of PATTAYA, there are over 20 very interesting Amusement and Theme Parks for each and everyone. Ocean Marina is known for the yearly int. Sailing REGATTA, and PATTAYA City has the Royal Varuna Yacht Club. Nong Nooch theme Park is a multiple World winner for their culture shows and their outstanding Palm gardens, incl. a unique Elephant show where they play a football and a basketball game.  Very close are 2 Water Parks, Cartoon Network and Thailand biggest water Park Ramayana, and the Golden Big Buddha Mountain, next to the SILVERLAKE WINERY. Downtown is the PATTAYA Water Park, and the new phenomenal super acrobatic KAAN show, Dolphin show, and a World Class Aquarium in Underwater World. And there is a Walk on Water at the Floating Market, an Open Zoo and an Elephant, Crocodile and Tiger Zoo, and 2 Muay Thai boxing arenas MAX and SITPHOLEK. Entertainment places as Tiffany, Alcazar, Alangkarn, Mimosa and the Italian Rome copy of the Colloseum, are very popular and have daily shows etc. The film “PATTAYA HAS IT ALL” start at Bangkok Int. airport Suvarnabhumi, where the romance start, followed by a romantic sightseeing of BANGKOK by night with a luxury dinner cruise, with several Int. stars at the superior “WONDERFULL PEARL” Cruise Boat at the Chaophraya River in Bangkok.

In the movie there will be a MISS and MISTER Election, even as a Beach Party with a Firework show from the famous Dutch DJ entertainer THAIKOEN, together with some National, Philippine and Int. artists. The new SINGTO film and Video Company is looking for sales and promoting staff, models, body builders, actors and actresses, and assisting lighting and camera personal. SINGTO FILM is negotiating with several professional Film Production companies, as Freedom Films and TAI films in Bangkok, and a well-known MOVIE Director. The production is planned for January, February and March 2018. The film and Video is a realistic Love story with a great sense of humor, where the funny and crazy JOHN fall in love with his Thai superstar, with a lot of ups and downs, but finally with an happy end. The romantic couple will visit some beautiful PATTAYA Theme Parks, and also the exciting Super Spots in and around PATTAYA and BANGKOK. The DVD will be send to all major TV stations and tour operators worldwide to promote the Fun City of PATTAYA, and will be for sale in Thailand for 200 baht at the counters of most Hotels, Restaurants, Travel agents and tour operators, bookstores, and maybe in 7 elevens or Family markets. Yes you name it, Pattaya the “FUN CITY” is the most well-known International TOURIST City in Asia and also in the World. YES, THE RIGHT NAME FOR THE FILM IS:  “PATTAYA HAS IT ALL” with a big smile, you won’t forget after seeing this funny and exciting movie. “A BIG LAUGH IS THE BEST MEDICINE IN LIFE”


SINGTO FILM-VIDEO is a new Film Company and is looking for a partner(s) or participants for their 2 new movies.
The budget for the film,” PATTAYA HAS IT ALL” is about 15 million baht (450.000 USD) incl. voice over for DVD”s in several languages. The second movie will be a realistic story from a new futuristic book “Millionaires with empty pockets” named; “LOVE AND LOST IN PARADISE” Investors and sponsors who invest 25.000 USD can also have a film role in this movie, incl. a share from the net profit of the Film, and the sales of the DVD Video’s Worldwide. SINGTO Film & Video will work with an Int. Accountant and Law firm in PATTAYA to protect your investment. Both Films will be sending when finished, to all major TV channels Worldwide and Int. Film festivals!!! Website is in process, and for more information contact Singto Film –Video, Postoffice Box 51 Jomtien Postoffice, 20261 Banglamung or by email; or, or contact the Producer-Promoter Colin de Jong  tel; 0812907310 or his assistant Khun Nim Thai-Englisch on 0925477289 email;